Fuyong Cheng


Postdoctoral Fellow


HCI G-314


+41-1-632 2636


  Fuyong Cheng



M.D., Organic Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, Wuhan University


Ph.D., Applied Chemistry, Research Center of Materials Science, Beijing


Postdoc, Fullerene Dianion Chemistry, Lab of IMMO, CNRS, University of Angers


Postdoc, Fullerenyl Cation Chemistry, Institute for Chemical Research, Kyoto University, Uji, Kyoto-fu


Postdoc with Prof. F. Diederich at ETH Zurich

Abstract of the project

My present projects are related to Molecular Electronics based on the self-assembly of porphyrin molecules. The first project is the synthesis of an especially designed trple-fused porphyrin dimer bearing two thio groups at the trans-positions for bridging two electrodes. The electron transport measurements will be performed using such compound as molecular bridge between two gold junctions (as seen in the picture). The second project is the investigation of the self-assembly of several porphyrin derivatives with C60 on silver surfaces by means of scanning tunneling microscopy (STM). Following a bottom-up approach, unprecedented one- and two-dimensional fullerene patterns were obtained upon evaporation of pristine C60 on pre-organized porphyrin monolayers. The third project is trapping porphyrin molecules, even single molecule, in nanometer-sized containers on an KBr insulator.


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