Melanie Chiu


Postdoctoral Fellow


HCI G-304


+41-44-632 4501


Melanie Chiu



Dartmouth College, A.B., Chemistry Major. Thesis advisor: Prof. Peter A. Jacobi.


The Scripps Research Institute, Research Internship. Advisor: Professor K. Barry Sharpless.


University of California at Berkeley, Ph.D., Chemistry. Thesis advisors: Professors Robert G. Bergman and F. Dean Toste.


ETH Zürich, Postdoctoral Research Associate. Advisor: Prof. François Diederich.

Synthesis and Applications of New Organic Acceptors

The ability to easily tune the properties of organic compounds is an enticing advantage that organic materials hold over their traditional inorganic counterparts. As a result, intense efforts have been directed toward exploring many types of organic materials that serve myriad functions, from organic photovoltaics to organic magnets. Fundamentally important to these endeavors is the identification of new organic acceptors, compounds that have high electron affinities, and can be adapted to serve a variety of functions in organic devices. For example, organic acceptors that also exhibit high charge mobilities may function as highly sought n-type organic semiconductors, which are essential components in devices such as organic photovoltaic cells and light emitting diodes. Additionally, organic acceptors may also serve as versatile synthons for constructing organic materials, as functionalization or elaboration of organic acceptors enables modulation and optimization of their electronic, physical, and photophysical properties. We are interested in synthesizing new organic acceptors and in exploring their reactivity with organic donors to form intramolecular charge-transfer chromophores and intermolecular charge-transfer complexes. We will also investigate the use of these compounds in organic materials applications as nonlinear optical chromophores and organic semiconductors.


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D. A. Watson, M. Chiu, R. G. Bergman, Organometallics 2006, 25, 4731-4733. Zirconium Bis(Amido) Catalysts for Asymmetric Intramolecular Alkene Hydroamination.

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