Vito Convertino


PhD Student


HCI G-306


+41-44-633 4168


Vito Convertino



Chemistry Studies at at the Faculty of Industrial Chemistry, UniversitÓ di Bologna


Erasmus exchange at the Faculty of Chemistry, Ruhr Universitaet in Bochum


Diploma Thesis with Prof. A. Ricci, Università di Bologna


Abilitation to the profession of Chemist

since 2003:

PhD with Prof. F. Diederich at ETH Zurich

Stereoselective Approach Toward the Synthesis of Expanded Cubane

The geometrically defined expansion of molecules by the formal insertion of buta-1,3-diynediyl fragments between all C-C-single bonds results in carbon rich compounds with excellent optoelectronic properties. In 2002 this general concept was for the first time applied to the three-dimensional octamethoxycubane and resulted in the synthesis of an acetylenic expanded cubane with a C56 core and the potential to rearrange into fullerenes.
The preparation of the expanded cubane was hindered by the great loss of material encountered during the synthesis due to the inevitable formation of many stereoisomers. Aim of this project is to overcome the ensuing waste of material and to improve the synthetic route by developing a stereoselective preparation of the building blocks, i.e. the corner module.


V. Convertino, P. Manini, W. B. Schweizer, F. Diederich, Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry 2006, 4, 1206-1208. First asymmetric synthesis of a differentially silyl-protected tris(alkynyl) methyl methyl ether.

last update: Mai 2006