Sara Eisler


Postdoctoral Fellow


HCI G-306


+41-1-633 4168


Sara Eisler



B.Sc. in chemistry, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada


Ph.D. in chemistry, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Cadada, with Prof. Rik Tykwinski


NSERC post-doctoral fellow with Prof. F. Diederich

Amphiphilic Dendrimers: Vectors for Gene Delivery

The search for a non-viral gene transfection agent has resulted in the exploitation of a range of structural motifs. For example, cationic lipids and cationic dendrimers have been found to bind, condense and deliver DNA. Despite these findings, synthetic vectors are still much less efficient at DNA delivery than their viral counterparts. Inspired by the success of cationic lipids and dendrimers, a new class of amphiphilic vectors have been designed that consist of a lipophilic and a hydrophilic dendron connected by a rigid tolane core (e.g. 1). These amphiphilic dendrimers have demonstrated their potential as very effective transfection agents. To maximize their efficiency, we are synthesizing a new series of molecules to explore structure-activity relationships. Extended in vitro biological studies using the DNA carriers are being carried out.


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