Petra Fesser


PhD Student


HCI G-306


+41-44-632 2912


Petra Fesser



Bachelor Study of Chemistry at Freie Universität Berlin


Master Study of Chemistry at ETH Zurich


Diploma Thesis with Prof. F. Diederich, ETH Zurich


Diplom-Chemiker, ETH Zurich

since 2008:

PhD with Prof. F. Diederich, ETH Zurich

Bottom-Up Nanodevices - Synthesis of Self-Assembling Building Blocks

Nanotechnology will be one of the key technologies for this century. Since "Top Down" methods for the construction of nanomaterials materials face their limit at a size of roughly 10 nm, "Bottom Up" methods provide the ability to build up structures in the scale of a few nanometers.

The general aim of this research project is the construction of self-assembled functional networks, which can be used as a molecular confinement for other functional molecules. Imaginable future applications of these nanodevices reach from electronic conductors and insulators, organic light emitting diodes, displays to information storage cells, sensoric units (chemical and biological) and light energy conversion devices.

The construction of a predictable, taylor-made square-shaped confinement with a pore size of 1-10 nm will be accomplished by synthesis and subsequent deposition of multivalent junctions and linear connectors of variable length on a monocristalline surface.


J. Beckmann, A. Duthie, P. Fesser, Acta Crystallogr., Sect. E: Struct. Rep. Online 2006, E62, o2151-o2152. 2-(2-Pyridylamino)pyridinium chloride phosphorous acid: one-dimensional hydrogen-bonded and π-π stacked supramolecular chains.

Last update: March 2008