Jayamurugan Govindasamy


Postdoctoral fellow


HCI G-320


+41-44-632 2955


Jayamurugan Govindasamy



M. Sc. in Chemistry, University of Madras. Advisor: Prof. R. Raghunathan.


Ph. D. in Chemistry, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India. Advisor: Prof. N. Jayaraman.


Research Associate, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India. Advisor: Prof. N. Jayaraman.


Post-doctoral research, ETH-Zurich. Advisor: Prof. F. Diederich.


Zwitterionic Redox-Amphiphilic Dendrimers for Mono- and Multi-Layer Formation

Donor-Acceptor chromophores that are predominantly zwitterionic in the ground state are of interest as single component organic conductors. Construction of zwitterionic, redox-amphiphilic dendrimers for mono- and multi- layer formation to be explored in organic electronic devices.


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Last update: Feb. 2010