Jens Hornung


PhD Student


HCI G-306


+41-44-633 41 68


Jens Hornung



Study of chemistry at University of Karlsruhe

2003 - 2004:

Exchange year at KTH (Stockholm)

2005 - 2006:

Diploma thesis with Prof. S. Höger at University of Karlsruhe

2006 - present:

PhD with Prof. F. Diederich at ETH Zurich

Bottom-up Nanodevices by Hierarchical Self-Assembly on Surfaces

As the "top-down" attempt for miniaturisation of devices, in particular electronic integrated circuits and sensoric units, will soon reach certain limits, new techniques for production of predictable two-dimensional structures on surfaces have to be established. The current research in the field of "bottom-up" self-assembly on surfaces of multifunctional organic materials by van-der-Waals interaction, hydrogen bonding, metal organic complexation or charge transfer interaction is still far from sophisticated.
As a first goal this Ph. D. project deals with the design and synthesis of new imaging groups for scanning tunnelling microscopy (STM). STM images of known building blocks with the new imaging groups will show the capability of the new groups and will hopefully contribute to understand the influence of the imaging group to the mechanism of self-assembly on surfaces.
The synthesis of new building blocks with non-self-complementary bonding motifs that had not yet been used for self-assembly on surfaces will give a further contribution to understand self-assembly.
The ultimate goal is to synthesize tailor made molecules for self-assembly on different surfaces yielding predictable and homogeneous assemblies on the surface.