Cédric Schaack

PhD Student

Location: HCI G-314
Phone: +41-44-63-22636
Cédric Schaack


2001–2008: High School at Athénée de Luxembourg in Luxembourg, with special emphasis on Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics.
2008–2012: Bachelor of Science in Chemistry at ETH Zürich
2012–2014: Master of Science in in Chemistry at ETH Zürich
2013–2014: 7 months internship at Syngenta AG Agrochemical company.
Since 2014: Graduate Student with Prof. F. Diederich at ETH Zürich

Towards Higher Helicenes

[n]Helicenes comprise a class of polycyclic aromatic compounds, in which the all-ortho connected n rings lead to a regular cylindrical helix. The large chiral π-system, which is strained due to the helical twist, exhibits interesting physico-chemical, and particularly electronic properties. The synthesis of higher helicenes (ideally, [19]helicene) and helicene polymers or supramolecular polymers will allow new insight into the capabilities of these chiral objects.

Last update: November 2014