Elisabeth Schäfer

PhD Student

Location: HCI G-314
Phone: +41-44-63-24474
Elisabeth Schäfer


2010: BSc in Chemistry at University of Fribourg (CH)
2012: MSc in Chemistry at University of Fribourg (CH)
2012: Internship in Medicinal Chemistry at F. Hofmann-La Roche, Basel
Since 2013: PhD Student with Prof. F. Diederich at ETH Zürich

Structure-Based Design and Synthesis of tRNA-Guanine Transglycosylase (TGT) Inhibitors

Crystal Structure of TGT

X–ray Crystal structure (PDB code: 1Q2S) of Z. mobilis TGT bound to a RNA substrate. W. Xie, X. Liu, R. Huang, Nature Struct. Biol. 2003, 10, 781–788.

Shigellosis is a severe inflammatory bowel disease, mainly occurring in developing countries and leading to the death of more than one million people per year. It was shown, that the tRNA post-transcriptional modifying enzyme tRNA–guanine transglycosylase is involved in the virulence of Shigella. Therefore, TGT is a highly attractive target for the treatment of this dysentery disease. Thus, the aim of this project is the design and synthesis of novel inhibitors of TGT.

Last update: May 2013