Laura Shirtcliff


Postdoctoral Fellow


HCI G-328


+41 44 633 4181


Laura Shirtcliff



B.Sc. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, UC Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, CA USA


Research Assistant with Prof. B. Singaram at UCSC


PhD in Organic Chemistry at the University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon, USA with Prof. M. M. Haley
Thesis: ‘Coarctate’ Cyclizations: Applications to Heterocycle Synthesis

since 2006:

NSF IRFP Postdoctoral Fellow with Prof. F. Diederich

Switchable Nanotubes Based on Resorcin[4]arene Scaffolds

Resorcin[4]arene cavitands having integrated quinoxaline wall flaps undergo marked rearrangements between an extended kite and a contracted vase form depending upon both temperature or pH. The current objective is to incorporate additional switchable components into the cavitands so as to facilitate clear geometric inter-conversions that are reversible and repeatable when exposed to the appropriate stimuli i.e., change in pH or temperature or exposure to different wavelengths of light. These novel dynamic responsive receptors/switches will be investigated for their shape-dependant host-guest complexation behavior, for guest sensing with the capability of optical readout, and for their potential as new read-write memory devices.


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