Fabio Silvestri


Postdoctoral Fellow


HCI G-304


+41-44-632 4501


Fabio Silvestri



Study of Materials Science at University of Milano-Bicocca Milan, Italy


Research Exchange with Prof. Tomas Torres, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain


Research Exchange with Prof. T. J. Marks, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois


Phd in Materials Science and European Doctorate in Chemistry and Physics of Advanced Materials, University of Milano-Bicocca, Milan. Thesis: Panchromatic Conjugated Materials As Sensitizers in Organic Solar Cells


Postdoctoral fellow at University of Milano-Bicocca, Milan (EU Project INNOSHADE)

since 2009:

Postdoctoral fellow with F. Diederich, ETH Zurich

A-B Oligomers and Polymers

[AB]-type organic π-conjugated oligomers and polymers consisting of alternate electron donor (D) and electron acceptor (A) units, featuring intermolecular CT, attract considerable interest as replacements for inorganic materials in optical and electronic applications (LED, OPV, FET and electrochromics). However, the defect-free and regioselective formation of such regular [AB]-type oligomers and polymers remains ambitious, despite much progress resulting from the introduction of transition metal-catalyzed cross coupling reaction.


F. Silvestri, A. Marrocchi. Acetylene-Based Materials in Organic Photovoltaics: A New Triple-Bond Conception. Submitted for publication.

F. Silvestri, A. Marrocchi, M. Seri, C. Kim, T. J. Marks, A. Facchetti, A. Taticchi. Solution Processable Low-Molecular Weight Arylacetylenes: Versatile p-Type Semiconductors for Field-Effect Transistors and Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells. Submitted for publication.

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