Bernhard Stump


Doctoral Student


HCI G-314


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Bernhard Stump



Study of Biology, ETH Zurich


Internship, Jordan University / VAPCO SA., Amman, Jordan


Internship, Purdue University, Lafayette, USA


Ph.D. with Prof. F. Diederich at ETH Zurich

Structure-Based Design and Synthesis of Inhibitors for Trypanothione Reductase, a Target for New Drugs Against African Sleeping Sickness

Mepacrine bound to the active site of Trypanothione Reductase

Trypanosomatids are parasites that are the causative agents of African sleeping sickness and Chagas` disease. According to the WHO, these diseases constitute one of the most important health problems in the developing world. There is no satisfactory treatment available.
Trypanosomatids differ from nearly all other eukaryotes and prokaryotes in their specific sulfur redox metabolism which is based on the thiol-polyamine conjugate trypanothione and the flavoenzyme trypanothione reductase (TR). It has been shown in the past that TR is essential for the parasite making it is an attractive target for the development of new drugs. The challenge will be to develop molecules with a high affinity for the wide, solvent-exposed active site.


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